Hong Sungdo

Kim Won-Bang: 'Hong Sung Do uses photography as a main medium of his work, but he distinctively adds 'sculptural dimension' to it. It is noticeable that he makes a reader of the photograph not a passive interpreter of the mere 'record of a subject', but a dynamic 're-inventro'of tje photograph.'


Hong-ik University, Seoul, College of Fine Art & Design, 1983

Pratt Institute New York, Graduate School of Fine Art, 1991

Solo exhibitions (selection)
2013 Out of Earth, Gallery Ihn, Seoul
2009 Walk, Gallery Ihn, Seoul2005 Gallery Ihn, Seoul
2007 Tourist, Canvas International Art, Amstelveen, Gallery Touchart/Heyri Art Balley, Paju, Korea
2002 The 8th Solo Exhibition, Artspace, Seoul
1998 Holden, Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide, Australia

Group exhibitions (selection)
2015 the Solo Project, duo show with Zhang Jian-Jun, Basel, Switzerland
2014 PAN Amsterdam, Canvas Contemporary, Amsterdam
2013 Korean Art: Era of Grand Navigation, Busan Museum of Art, Busan
2013 Korea Tomorrow 2013: Image Installation, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2012 SeMA Gold 2012: Hidden Track, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2011 Reopen at Hannam, Gallery Skape, Seoul
2011Sketch the city, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2010 Air & Water, Gallery IHN, Seoul
2010 Hong Kong International Art Fair 2010, Convention Center, Hong Kong
2010 30th Anniversary of the Young Korean Artists (The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwachon)
2009 Duo Exhibition, 123Gallery, Seoul
2009 From Yeonhui-dong, Yeonhui-dong Projects, Seoul
2009 Art Fair Tokyo 2009, Gallery Skape, Tokyo
2008 Korea Now, Amsterdam Art Fair, Canvas Contemporary
2007 First Step : New Art From Korea, Singapore Art Seasons, Singapore 7 Art Seasons Beijing, Beijing
2006 MAYSHOW, Skape Gallery, Seoel
2005 'Between', Stuttgart Kunst Akademie, Germany
2005 Happines, Hanjeon Plaza Gallery, Seoul
2004 Contemporary Art, Sejong Center, Seoul
2004 Sculpture of Hong-ik Group, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2003 Charity, Ssamziespace, Seoul
2003 Crossing 2003, The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu
2002 'What is Sculpture', Hangaram Art Museum Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2001 Alchemy, SeongGok Museum, Seoul