‘An epoch of the late 70’s generation has arrived. They reveal their attitudes toward realities of society and their circumstances in a different approach from the artists of the older generation. THEY, through interior and conflicting juxtaposition, displays contradictory nature of society that is both corrupt and progressive. However, they do not reject nor expresses any sarcasm toward the real world seen outside the window. Individuals are merely consuming or entertaining themselves.

THEY, in narrating the story of the post 70’s, articulates comprehensive structure. That is, inside an individual surrounding environment and corrupted private space, inner and outer realm are juxtaposed. While other young artists are infatuated with the characterization of private narratives, THEY unveils inherent conditions and hidden aspects of the internal through the breach of the exterior. From this immanent observation THEY becomes the ‘true other’.’
Zhu Qi, art critic, 2007 


Lai Shengyu en Yang Xiaogang (1978, Hunan, China)
Central Academy of Fine arts, Beijing, China (2004)

Solo exhibitions
2011 Past and Present, They Solo Exhibition, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China
2009 “THEY”, Canvas international art Amstelveen, The Netherlands
2009 They, The Lost Heaven, Museum of Hunan Province, China
2008 “They”, New York Asian Contemporary Art Fair New York
2008 “Art classroom”, China Today Gallery Brussel, België
2007 THEY, PYO Gallery Beijing, Beijing, China
2006 TA MEN, Pyo Gallery, Seoel
2004 Therefore it is and Surely it’s Them, The First Dashanzi Art Festival, Beijing
2002 US two-Man Works Exhibition, Beijing

Group exhibitions (selection)
2011 Evolution, Beyond Art Space, Beijing
2011 Pure views -Chinese New Painting, San Francisco Asian Art Museum of the United States, Verenigde Staten 
2011 Stall the third time, West Fifth Gallery, Beijing
2010 Consumer Image, Age Gallery, Beijing
2010 Filter Window, Young Chinese Artists Group Exhibition, Beyond Art Space, Beijing 
2010 Reshaping History, Chinaart from 2000 to 2009 First Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art: Transformation of Chinese Art History 2000-2009, National Convention Center, Beijing
2009 1985-2009 Hunan and Hubei Contemporary Art, Museum of Guangdong, China 
2009 Zhe magnificent dirty, E Mart Gallery, Beijing
2009 Chinese Contemporary Group Exhibition, The Second Reality, at the Meridian International Center in Washington DC
2009 Beyond Globalization, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China 
2009 Metropolis Now, The Selection of Chinese Contemporary Art, Meridian International Center, Washington, USA 
2009 Sea and Sky of Cartoon, Linda Gallery, Beijing
2009 The transition, Pyo Gallery, Beijing
2008 Being Butterfly, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China 
2008 ShContemporary 2008, Beyond Art Space, Shanghai 
2008 Waiting in the Wings, Beyond Art Space, Beijing
2008 Beyond reality, Beyond Art space, Beijing
2008 Facing reality, National Museum of China, Beijing
2007 Asia New Wave, ZKM Museum, Duitsland
2007 The Body Change of the Dragon,China Square, New York
2006 Body-Out of the Body, Chambers Fine Arts, New York
2006 Exhibition Cold Energy, Pyo Gallery, Beijing
2006 China Today - images of Changing World, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sammlung Essl Museum, Vienna
2006 Beyond experience New China, Arario Gallery, Beijing
2005 Grounding Reality, New Chinese Contemporary Art, Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2004 Sino-South Korea Eight-Man Group Art Exhibition, Canada Embassy, Beijing
2003 Joint Exhibition of Creation Art Gallery Beijing, Beijing
2003 8th National Three-Kind Printmaking Exhibition, Sichuan, China
2002 7th National Three-Kind Printmaking Exhibition, Wuhan, China