Shen Chen

If you look into it, you’ll see numerous brushstrokes, where each one begins and ends, how water and colour were used and its relationship to the canvas, and all those specific details.[...] If you read into it, you’ll discover there’s a depth of ink painting in there. For most people who just look it over, they won’t see anything. If you don’t scrutinize the work, you won’t see these things, or be able to enter into its creative process. Much of my work is a pursuit of a kind of spirit of ink painting’. 

After thirty years of practicing and creating art, Shen has become an artist with a profound influence in today’s art world, stirring “us to think and to perceive aesthetically, to open new conduits of perception and thought in the act of painting and in the reasoned meditative pose necessary to appreciate truly significant abstract painting.” (Robert C. Morgan) His work blends multiple cultural elements as he layers concepts of time and space with Zen philosophy, meditation, and repetition. Lilly Wei notes how, “in this perceptual vanishing and reconstitution, a cycle of meditation is established for the viewer in which what exists and what does not is inseparable.” Valerie Smith further emphasizes “what does emerge is a highly considered process that is immersive…to a peaceful place where there is time.” His paintings transport us—they bring us “full circle; just as the breath moves from emptiness to plenitude, so does our mind appreciate the void out of which all things originate.” (Jonathan Goodman)


2015 (forthcoming) SHEN CHEN, 10 Chancery Lane, Hong Kong
2014 SHEN CHEN – Paintings, Galerie Frank Schlag, Germany
2013 BETWEEN THE LINES, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam
2012 SHEN CHEN, Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center, Shanghai
SHEN CHEN, Galerie Frank Schlag, Essen, Germany
SHEN CHEN, Cynthia Reeves Contemporary Art, New England
2011 SHEN CHEN – Paintings, Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center, Shanghai
Selected Works from Sanshang Museum, Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center, Shanghai
2010 SHEN CHEN, San Shang Museum of Contemporary Art, Zhejiang
Paintings by SHEN CHEN, Shanghai University Art Center, Shanghai
2009 SHEN CHEN, Cynthia Reeves Contemporary Art, New York
2008 SHEN CHEN, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Void but Complete Pictures – Recent Works by SHEN CHEN, Nantong Art Museum, Jiangsu
SHEN CHEN - Recent Works, SanShang Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing
2006 SHEN CHEN – Recent Paintings, Gallery 456, New York
1994 SHEN CHEN, Ink Paintings, Gallery White Art, Tokyo
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1984 Fresh Experience - Abstract Ink Paintings by SHEN CHEN, China Journalist Society, Beijing

2013 Asian Contemporary Art from China, Japan and Korea, Galerie Frank Schlag, Essen, Germany
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